Lacewings and ant lions

On one of our walks, our walk leader’s sharp eyes spotted the eggs of a lacewing on the bark of a tuart tree – they are very small, and each egg is mounted on a stiff hair that keeps it off the surface. The egg is nearly invisible to the eye, and unlikely to be […] → Continue Reading Lacewings and ant lions

Walk, weeding and morning tea, May 2016

Spring is just around the corner, with good rains to start off the season. We had a very busy weekend, with our usual ‘fifth Saturday of the Month’ guided walk followed by our ‘first Sunday of the Month’ weeding and morning tea, all in one weekend. Here are the pictures of our beautiful bushland as […] → Continue Reading Walk, weeding and morning tea, May 2016

What’s blooming, January 2016

Summer is happening! Thanks to everyone who attended – lots of new people – our wonderful summer walk, led by Dave. The sky was dark and the thunder was loud, but it didn’t start raining until after we finished at 9.45 (rain courtesy of Cyclone Stan). Plenty blooming in the bushland and some interesting vistas […] → Continue Reading What’s blooming, January 2016