Is that a weed?

Its not easy to tell if a plant is a weed or not! Here are some resources which may help:

  • Is it on the FoTB Flora List? This list can be downloaded from our Flora and Fungi page.
  • You can always check the photographs for each plant listed on our Flora List on Florabase.
  • There are a few tricky weeds around! It can be hard to tell if a Pigface is native or a weed, and also difficult to tell if a daisy Senecio is a native or a weed. But there are detailed brochures outlining the difference, which can be downloaded here: Pigface Senecio
  • See our Weed Identification Guide and Weed Management Hints on our Bushland Restoration page.
  • Download our Common Weeds of Trigg Bushland brochure.
  • Download the City of Stirling’s ‘garden escape’ Weed Guide.
  • Browse the online edition of Western Weeds, a comprehensive resource of all weed species in Western Australia.