The Friends of Trigg Bushland makes representations to Local, State and National Government on matters deemed to be in the interests of the users of Trigg Bushland.

One of the objectives of the Friends of Trigg Bushland is to protect Trigg Bushland and adjacent coastal reserves from inappropriate development and other disturbances, which would reduce and fragment the natural bushland.

In September 2020, the Friends of Trigg Bushland completed a submission on the proposed redevelopment of the Surfing WA Headquarters at Trigg Beach, during the City of Stirling community consultation period.  The Friends of Trigg Bushland supports the important community programs that Surfing WA provide, and understands that the current headquarters do not meet the demands or future needs of the organisation.  However,  the proposed location on grassed parkland and a small portion of bushland, and expansion of the footprint to 900 m2, was not considered an optimal solution.  The submission recommends that the new headquarters utilise existing areas of hard landscaping where possible, and avoid the removal of any vegetation in Trigg Bushland Reserve.  The full submission can be viewed here.