Tuart and Tuart Communities Book

We are pleased and proud to make available on our website an electronic version of the book ‘Tuart (Eucalyptus gomphocephela) and Tuart Communities’. You can download this entire book (13Mb) here. The book contains the following papers: THE DISTRIBUTION AND CONSERVATION OF TUART AND THE COMMUNITY WITH WHICH IT LIVES by BJ Keighery, GJ Keighery […] → Continue Reading Tuart and Tuart Communities Book

Our wild plants

‘Our Wild Plants’ is a wonderful resource for educators and parents.  It includes lesson plans, activities and a poster for students at Junior, Middle and Upper levels.  It was written by botanist and educator Bronwen Keighery, under the aegis of Greening Australia.  This magical resource is available free of charge as a download: Our Wild […] → Continue Reading Our wild plants