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Meetings of members are held twice a year. A General Meeting is held in summer, and the Annual General Meeting is held during winter. There is generally a speaker of note as well as updates on weeding, guided walks, consultation with the City of Stirling, and special projects such as the website and Facebook.

Members are advised of details of the meetings in our 'members only' email newsletter.

Any interested person can attend to meet members and listen to the speaker. However, only members can vote at general meetings. Members are reminded that a family concession membership is entitled to only two votes.

Our next meeting will be a General Meeting scheduled for 19th February 2017 (Sunday), 4.30 - 6pm at the Henderson Centre in Star Swamp. The topic will be 'New Environmental Discoveries in Bush Forever Site 308' and will include presentations from the noted botanist Bronwen Keighery on an exciting extension of the Callitris preissii Threatened Ecological Community (more info here) and Nina McLaren who will outline the work of Dr Vic Semeniuk on the dune structure of southern portion of the site, as well as the plans to destroy the TEC and dunes of state significance for roadworks.

Our most recent meeting was the Annual General Meeting on 31 July 2016 jointly hosted by the Friends of Star Swamp. Our speaker was Dr Mark Brundrett who spoke about his extensive trials in Restoring Banksia Woodlands, a topic dear to our hearts with Banksia woodlands in both Trigg Bushland and Star Swamp in threatened conditions. Banksia woodlands were the most common plant community in the Perth area and are vital in providing food for the Black Cockatoos. The health of the remaining woodlands is vital. Mark is leading a Department of Parks and Wildlife project on investigating ways of restoring these woodlands in the Jandakot area. Mark’s work in the areas of mycology, botany, ecology, conservation biology, forestry and soil science have prepared him well for this work.

Information from previous speakers can often be found on our website.

Our speaker in Feb 2015, Dr Mark Cowan from the Department of Parks and Wildlife, spoke about his ongoing fauna trapping programme in Trigg Bushland. Results of Dr Cowan's fauna surveys are on this website (link here) and also information about trapping methods (link here).

Our speaker in July 2011, Dr Vic Semeniuk, explained the formation and global significance of the nested parabolic dunes of Trigg Bushland (link here).

Committee meetings are held regularly and are attended by office bearers as well as elected committee members where the ordinary business of the Friends of Trigg Bushland is discussed. Any financial member of the Friends of Trigg Bushland is welcome to attend a Committee meeting, although only office bearers and elected committee members can vote. The meeting is generally held at the home of one of the Committee members and is followed by coffee and conversation. Please contact the Friends to get details of the next Committee meeting should you wish to attend.



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