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Ant Lion - Lacewing eggs
native wisteria on fence

Native wisteria is taking over the new fence along the limestone path in Duart Arnott, blending it into the landscape.

Simoselaps bertholdi
hardenbergia comptoniana








Simoselaps bertholdi Jans Banded Snake
Nasturtiums dumped

Sadly, we came across several instances of garden refuse dumped in the bush, particularly behind the houses on Arnott Street. In this photo, you can see that a pile of nasturtiums has been dumped, and then taken hold and now new weeds are growing outwards into the bush. The carelessness and laziness of one person can cause years of weeding work.

Acacia cyclops blossom
clematis pubescens 'old mans beard'


Other climbing and rambling plants include the beautiful Clematis pubescens, here seen growing through a Balga or Grasstree. The hairy seedpods, which won't appear until summer, look like an old mans fine white hair.





Acacia cyclops seed
Dryandra sessilis - 'Parrotbush'



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