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It was rainy on our last guided walk - but that did not deter Dave and our small group from hiking up the large parabolic dune behind Millington Reserve. And our gamble paid off, because shortly afterwards the rain stopped, leaving the bushland full of muted tones with sparkling raindrops on all the flowers and foliage.

Trigg bushland
Paths join on the easternmost parabolic dune, between Millington Reserve and Jeane's Road, facing west.


Logania vaginalis

Left: Conostylis candicans Right:Lechenaultia linarioides



Burchardia congesta


Templetonia retusa

Left: Sheoak, female flower Right: Eremophila glabra



Hibbertia hypericoides

Left: Dave explains! Right: Grevillea crithmifolia
















Even the rain wasn't an impediment - just added to the beauty.

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