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Trigg bushland
dave leads the group walk


Welcome to summer! It was a lovely sunny morning when we took our quarterly walk through Trigg Bushland on 30th October. Although starting to become dry, there are still lots of flowers and life in the bush.




Santalum acuminatum
quandong - santalum Acuminatum




A stunning feature of the walk was the profusion of ripe quandongs throughout the bushland. We stopped to take a look and even sample them. They aren't sweet, but have a tart and fresh taste. The edible portion is the thin peel, which comes off just like a mandarin peel. Inside is only one large seed.

Dave eats a qondong - Santalum acuminatum
Dave tastes a quandong


Another pleasure is the new signage for the Trigg Scarborough Heritage Walk, which has recently been replaced by the City of Stirling. This means that you can walk along and have a self-guided tour whenever you want, enjoying the lovely views of the ocean! Maps and details are on our Other Walks page.

Scarborough Trigg Heritage Trail - signage and views
new signage for heritage trail


Austrostipa elegantissima
Above:Austrostipa elegantissima


Two interesting grasses are in seed, both belonging to the Austrostipa genus. Austrostipa elegantissima is a stunning plant that creates an ethereal cloud when in seed - simply breathtaking! Austrostipa flavescens produces graceful spears that catch every breeze.


scaevola nitida


There are also clouds of blue scaevola, dotted over shrubs well over a metre in height. They make a lovely blue haze along the roadside near St Mary's.


For more pictures (including a Jan's Banded Snake), see next page.




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